Senseless' Introduction.

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Senseless' Introduction.

Post  Senseless on Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:59 pm

In-game-name: Senseless
Game account status: Cracked.
Name: Ziad Mohamed Eid
How long have I been playing minecraft: Since beta 1.2 or something.
Birth date: 17/4/1997
Gender: Male
Country: Egypt (Alexandria)

"Why do you want to join": Simply because I love minecraft, And I have been a player in this server before. It's the best cracked server I know, So screw it, Why not join? This is the only option I have if want to play Minecraft on multiplayer. Other than that, All the servers I know pretty much suck.

Extra: I'm trying my best to follow the old template but I forgot it though. Anyways I hope you guys don't mind me joining the server.
It'd be nice if I get the server IP since I can't connect to the website to figure it out, And I cant connect to on Minecraft.
Also yes, I played this server before. Ages ago. Wont talk much about that though.
It'd be nice if you return the old template again...

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