TheMagicTwix's validation!

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TheMagicTwix's validation!

Post  TheMagicTwix on Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:15 am

My name is jordan lewis
my IGN is TheMagicTwix
in my spare time i do carpentry with my mom or if im not doing that i'll be spending time on minecraft or with my girlfriend
Why i think you should let me in....
Well ive posted 5 intros and none of them have been read (1 a week = 5 weeks waiting for validation) and my teacher sees me as a good architect considering im in the highest group for Design Technology and i get on well with you (Virg) and have played with you multiple times and you Pwn me alot when im trying to say something Razz
So it would really help if i could play on this server

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